Welcome to ICCA 2024. Conference Date: September 05 – 06, 2024. Venue: American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), Kuril, Dhaka. In-cooperation Sponsored by ACM SIGAPP. For any futher query, please contact: info@icca.aiub.edu.

Reviewers' Guidelines

ICCA aims at high-quality novel research work from academics, students, and industry experts to establish itself as a major international conference in Computer Science and Information Technologies. The purpose of our review is to improve the quality of the submitted manuscripts and make them ready to be included in our proceedings. The review process should be fair and unbiased. Acceptance and rejection decision of the paper is fully considered based on the merit of the contents, originality, unpublished work, and relevance to the scope of the conference.

ICCA 2024 conducts the double-blinded review process which means the identities of the authors are not revealed to the reviewers and vice versa.

In order to successfully conduct the review process of the manuscripts, we are inviting the potential national and international expert reviewers through the Microsoft CMT reviewing system. Upon acceptance of the invitation, each reviewer is assigned a maximum of three (3) manuscripts to conduct the review. We fix the maximum number to review manuscripts for each reviewer is three (3) so that reviewer gets sufficient time and ensures proper review quality. Reviewers’ assessments play a vital role in the decision as to whether to accept a manuscript for publication. Each submitted manuscript will be reviewed by at least two (2) reviewers to judge the originality and merit of the content. In the next phase, we assign one (1) meta reviewer if it is necessary in order to make a final decision about the acceptance of the manuscript. Reviewers’ comments and decisions will be submitted to the publication chair who is then responsible to send the final decision to the authors.

The reviewer can also decline the reviewing invitation of a manuscript in which the reviewer has a conflict of interest.

Points to be considered in the review process includes relevance of the manuscript, originality, research has the appropriate approvals/consent been obtained, a clear objective, merit of the manuscript, significance (scientific/social/application domain) of the manuscript, the presentation style of the manuscript, and unpublished work.

The review process of the ICCA 2024 is delineated using the following flow chart: